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Here, view and purchase from a rich and diverse collection of fine tourmalines.

A truly special collection—we purchased many of these gems in the rough from places like Nigeria.

HOW WE DISCOVERED: THEse Magestic Tourmalines

On a trip to the Jos Plateau of Nigeria, I connected with the miners who had just unearthed these beauties. Navigating through the untamed countryside, past multiple police and military roadblocks is no simple task. The background image on this page is actually what it looked like for us as we pushed on in order to be inside by dark. Being out on the road in Nigeria after dark is particularly dangerous.

But in the end we reached our destination and were rewarded with some beautiful tourmalines such as the ones you see here. The next task will be to bring our newly purchased treasures to our Thailand cutting facility, where each piece will be transformed into a work of art and ready for setting in your special mounting. 

While tourmalines come from a variety of locations including the USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka and several locations in Africa, some of my favorites come from Nigeria, which produces some of the most vibrant greens, pinks and bi-colors. Now it's your turn to go on your own personal gem hunt. Enjoy yourself as you search through the fine tourmalines in this collection.

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