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Welcome to Caveman Gems, where truly natural gems and the spirit of community meet.

Our online store offers a vast selection of unique gems, cut by our own team of world class gemstone artists. We cater to the discerning collector and gemstone and enthusiast alike.

Explore our website and unearth the perfect gemstone to suit your taste.

Three Generations in Heirloom Quality Gemstones​

Primal Origins in Every Stone:

Each gem has a story, told over millennia deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Through geological artistry, these stones have waited for their moment, and we bring them to you in their purest form. We ensure every single one of them is as genuine as its origins – No compromises, no exceptions.

A Global Network With Integrity:

From the Ground Up: Our journey begins with our Gem Hunters. They travel the world, connecting with miners, local co-ops, and family-run mines. We do more than sourcing; We create bonds with those who’ve devoted their lives to the art of gemstone mining. We’re not just doing business; we’re building relationships based on fairness and respect.

The Heart of Caveman: We are a family owned business and our family spans the globe. Though our roots are in the US, many of our gemstones vacation in Thailand, home to our adept gemstone artists. By the time these gems land at our San Diego base, they’ve received an artists touch ensuring the highest quality cut for the maximum color and sparkle. Now in the US, our Quality Assurance team and in-house Gemologists will generate the final evaluation and grading. Once we can guarantee the quality of our gemstones we hand them off to our Customer Service reps–trained in showing our gemstones LIVE in full HD right on our website homepage for the world to see or directly in private zoom calls.

Tech & Creativity Combined:

Our digital pros keep the lights on. From making sure our website’s a breeze to navigate, to our photographers capturing the allure of each gem, we’re all about bringing you a seamless experience.

The Caveman Collective:

Our network would be incomplete without its most crucial point – you. As curators, connoisseurs, and members, you bring purpose to our passion. Your trust and your stories weave into the rich tapestry of Caveman Gems.

So, dive in, explore, and become part of Caveman Gems journey. We’re thrilled to have you here!

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